pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Right Place, Right Time

Today, I took the truck in to have a mirror mounted on the driver's door. (Jess gave it to me for Christmas, so you can see, I am right on top of things...)

I ran the AC and was a happy camper driving in, then walked across town to the library, where I bought 25 books for 10¢ each. I left them there and said I'd come back with the truck when it was done and get them.

As I re-entered the service station, one of my fellow teacher's husbands was sitting there waiting for a repair on his van. He greeted my comment about the truck possibly being used to go to Michigan to retrieve a horse with, "I wouldn't take it to Centerville, the way it is."

The paint is a mess, so the truck looks really bad. I told him the engine was in good shape. He said something sounded bad in the back end.

To take the sting out of his blunt remark, an employee piped up, "We pay him to sit there and make nasty comments about people's vehicles so we get more business."

So, I asked the mechanic, who thinks someone is really looking out for me ever since I blew the head or head gasket in my BMW in April and was still futzing around in it in late June when I got the Accura. He told me it really would be better NOT to drive it, but he couldn't guarantee he'd get to it before Wednesday.

So, I came home with the teacher's husband, who was kind enough to stop at the library while I picked up my books, and the grocery store while I got my milk and bread... For all his gruff talk, he's pretty okay.
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