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"Man, That's a Good Cup of Coffee"

    We were told that our concerns were not worth a hill of beans; but...this is our hill, and these are our beans.
      -- Leslie Nielson; The Naked Gun

Once I saw in a movie or something a scene about a commercial being filmed. The actor is suspended on a wire, and is swung, body carefully held in the position of a man with one foot on the gas pedal and both hands out at the 10 and 6 position as if they held a steering wheel, through take after take, into the body of a convertible. He lands in the back seat, on the windshield, on the front hood, and finally, into the driver's seat.

Turning to the camera, instead of some line about letting ____ put you in the driver's seat, he says, "Man, that's a good cup of coffee."

Just retribution for all his bruises, I am sure.
Tags: coffee, commercial

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