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You know what your MOST HIGH BOSS says out of a sound sleep? "Oh, God." I should be so honored!

Today we cancelled school again, but somehow, nobody got me called, so I got up, showered, dressed, fired up the truck, as the driveway is too drifted for the little car with its low clearance... and there I was stuck. So I called the school. No answer. I called the principal. No answer. I start to wonder if the phone lines are down with ice coating them somewhere in between, as the first time I tried the school, I got a funny ring. Finally, I called the superintendent, who I am SURE I woke up.

"Oh, God. We cancelled. I thought I got everyone called."

His voice was phlemy like he hadn't talked yet this morning. I ran the truck's engine long enough that the ice on the windshield melted where it was thinnest.

Current Music: The Force of Destiny

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