pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Hands Are For Petting

If you love to "horse around" click the link...


Colonel Jim Pandemonium sniffs Stephanie's hand

left to right: Debe Ser Pandemonium, Pandemonium Lucretia (nose and front legs under Debe's neck and barrel), (sharp eyed viewers who count legs and fine one rear and front white one also under there have found all that shows of Pandemonium Adagio), Pandemonium Angelina (Pinto rear and ears), Lyric Pandemonium (Pinto body), Colonel Jim Pandemonium (sniffing hand), Pandemonium Lament, and Pandemonium Serena (behind on extreme right)

I got turned down for house trailer insurance by one company who claimed horses were "an attractive nuisance".

Well, I'm not sure that's what they meant, but I sure find my herd attractive!

My farm slogan is (Every horse here knows) "Hands are for petting". Are YOU brave enough to brave entering my pasture?

I'll put out a few more from my June '04 roll of film as I get the pages posted so I have the requisite URL for lj to use to display them.

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