pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Walking on the Even Wilder Side

Last Friday, I was feeding the kitten groups on the porch as the mothers brought them up. Three of the four bunches made it at least in part onto the porch. Tiptoeing over so as not to scare them, I surprised a HUGE skunk, bigger than the one I hit this winter, inches from my front door.

Myrrh and Wild Tortoise sat at opposite corners of the steps, ears slanted, spitting, for once, not at each other, but at the skunk. Kittens were tumbled together under the bench and scattered across two lower steps. Two played in the bedding plants.

Now, I could not exit the house, but I sure wanted him/her gone. I started screaming, but was afraid to tap the glass, which, thankfully STEVE shut for me while he was here, as the door is slightly twisted and the glass gets stuck. Otherwise, I might have been sprayed.

Eventually, it wandered off the steps toward the west. I called the vet, who suggested calling the DNR after talking to me about how it was acting long enough to decide it probably was NOT rabid.

The DNR said to feed the kittens somewhere else. Well, when they get old enough to REACH somewhere else, that might work...

The stupid thing COMES WHEN I TRILL TO CALL THE CATS. I quit trilling, but not all the kittens are making it out while I'm watching.

I need to look up Ralph's Skunk relocation method...

Ah, upon reviewing it, I don't think I quite have the guts to pull that one off!
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