pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Early in Campfire Culture (Used in "Playing Hooky") (11/13/15 WC: 128)

Despina's Infamous Green Journal

Early in the Campfire Culture

Despina, tired out, sits silently, merized by the flames' hypnotic dance.

Paul Peter breaks the general silence, "What do you miss the most?"

Nobody responds at first, then Bruno says, "Begleitung meiner Frau. My wife, ah, ..."

"My wife's companionship," supplies Horst.  "Myself? Schlafen mit einer Frau -- sleeping with a woman."

Jacques takes over.  "Meaningful work. A feeling of accomplishment and pride in a job well-done."

Paul Peter counters with, "Convenience stores that are conveniently nearby."

Horst laughs, then adds, "Better to buy the beer, eh?"

Cu's deep voice states, "Deseo lo mismo como Bruno; el compañerismo de mi esposa. "

"Sure, your wife's companionship.  Who wouldn't, with a woman like her?" Jacques adds softly.

"Despina?" prompts Paul Peter.


Last updated 11/13/15 Added second space after end punctuation; added standardized heading; 4/30/02.

Word Count: 128
Tags: sotfw-sc
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