pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Teachers and the Bear

One day during the week of June 1, students at a NY elementary school attended by cousin's children Cory and Sam could not go out on the school ground for recess. There had been a "bear sighting".

My 77 year old aunt says that bears are appearing more frequently around her area. She adds, "They say you can do anything if you have to, but I do not think I could outrun a bear if it came into our yard... I don't even walk fast any more."

In a July 2 email, she adds:

The bear came over the mountain;

The bear came over the mountain;

The bear came over the mountain;

and this is what we saw;

(Nicky and Karen had this photo hanging on our back deck when we came home one day)

Last Saturday at 7:45 A.M. Karen, Katie and Sam were driving past our lower driveway and at first glance, Karen thought we had gotten a large bear silhouette for our yard, until it moved. They watched a bear lumber off into the lower lot.

Sooooooooooo I can assure you we watch the woods very carefully when we go out to hang clothes. I do not wish to test whether you stand still when you see a bear, or try to make it to the house. :o)

Have a wonderful week end. We plan a quiet one, but you never know around here.

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