pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Oh, the Scandal of it all!

I shot a 36 exposure roll of the herd (WITH film in the camera this time) and the last of it has my cousin Steve's daughter in it, squatting down with the various herd members.

They were to arrive Friday, but Steve has MS, so they REALLY arrived Saturday around noon, and left about 2:30 Sunday. Oh, what a scandal in the neighborhood will ensue! As we were hugging goodbye, the neighbors came out of their drive and locked the gate, gaping the entire time...

It sort of reminds me of when Bonnie S. lived up the hill and would send different community members down in the middle of the night on some trumped up excuse to check out the sleeping arrangements every time she saw a strange car in my driveway overnight. People would "hit a deer" five miles away and get to MY house to use the phone, or run out of water in their radiators at 3 AM...

It got so predictable that when my uncles and one of their sons came to work on the roof for three days, I told them to expect a visit. The next day, minister uncle went to the local lumber yard where a few of my church's members were sitting around discussing the new pastor's insistence that we build a new parsonage... He got a big kick out of it, as he is never party to HIS church member's opinions like that. Then they began to check him out to see who he was and why he was there...

No middle of the night visit that time, as he'd fessed up to 1) being my UNCLE, and 2) being a Methodist minister as well. That satisfied the locals.

But once when Eddie M. and his wife Shirley were attending a horse sale in Humeston, they had car trouble, so popped over and had to stay overnight, as nothing was open on Sunday in the way of a repair garage. Shirley was due to work as a cottage parent at SJH that night, and called to tell them she wouldn't make it. Her boss accused her of planning it that way, but I know they didn't -- overnight stuff was NOT with them. The old couch was a hydabed, so we opened it up and I dug out all the extra blankets in the house (which was heated to 60) and was COLD -- air leaks all over it.

At 3 AM, one of my former students stopped and JUST HAD TO USE THE PHONE. Eddie, who was sleeping 2' from the door had it open and his revolver out of his jacket pocket before I made it to the bedroom door! He marched the young man, who was shaking, over to the phone, past his sleeping wife (they had to go sideways to get between the chairs and the end of the couch) hovered inches away during the conversation, and marched him back out.

I felt sort of sorry for the kid, who was just doing what some of the local adults had told him to do...
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