pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Neat Things Happening

The final payment on the second mare cleared the bank, so I called about getting the car loan through the credit union. I told her I needed to do something before the end of August, and she said the quote she'd give me was good for 60 days. She said "definitely" when I asked if she could beat the 6.9% interest rate the car dealer offered!

One of my CD's had just rolled over, so the loan it secured needed to be rewritten. (They add 2% to what the CD is earning, far and away the cheapest loan available!)

She looked at my conglomerate of CD loans and decided the best thing was to write one big loan, keep the loan payment the same, and let me make a car loan and down payment all in one.

Before she pulled my credit report, I told her that I'd paid off two credit cards completely, and taken a 4.9% loan for a year and paid it on the one that was at 10.99%. I told her the amount I still owed on it, and she thought there was enough unused collateral on the CD's to PAY IT OFF IN FULL. The loan payment I was making to the credit union goes up $50 a month, while I was making nearly $250 in payments on the three cards I will then have paid off. That means that the auto loan will keep me pretty close to the exact same budget, with savings set up for taxes and insurance payments.

Even if we have another winter like last year, I will have two fewer head to feed, with two more sales possible from contacts I already have.

I can't believe I'm going to pay off my biggest credit card IN FULL, the one that was at 10.99% interest! Oh, did she ever make my day! I feel as if I suddenly lost 10 pounds permanently...

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