pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Riding an Arabian

This week is a time of passing; to every thing there is a season. On the news this morning was the beautiful scenery and the heartwarming story of an American President with a love of nature and the outdoors.

As President and Mrs. Reagan rode their horses through a picturesque setting, they were astride Arabian horses.

The two horses pictured in the news with the former leader of the US and his beloved wife are:

Gwalionka, AHR 53676 (*Gwalior x Magic Charm), 1969 grey gelding bred by Walter or Mary Lou Beckman, owned as of 5 January 1975 by Ronald Reagan.

Catalina Muzraf, AHR 74195 (*Muzulmanin x Nilashraff), 1971 chestnut gelding bred by Philip K. Wrigley, owned as of 10 March 1977 by Nancy Reagan.

Happy Trails, Mr. President
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