pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Thing that Goes Bump in the Night

About 1:30 last night, Coqet foaled the first known OMYNO baby, and he looks pure Coqet. He is HUGE, has a big honking blaze, one high white foot, and was born in the little alleyway behind the trailer, so, of course, he banged into the fence and the trailer, the air conditioner/heater, the back porch steps, the water pipe to the pasture tank that closes off the west side... before he found the faucet.

I spent quite a little while trying to get him to put his head DOWN low enough to suck. The moonlight was very bright, so I knew he was a bay, but I thought he was darker (of course, he was also wet...)

Mom was asleep in the room right by where I was holding him, so I went over and knocked on the window, but all she did was turn over...

Even for a newborn, his top line is tops, tippy ears, a lovely dish (even with the blaze), and loooong legs... a lovely colt.

I told Mom about 7:30 yesterday evening that Coqet was waxed up and ran a bit of it onto my fingertip to show her. One more day, and she would have foaled on Lou's birthday...
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