pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Does My Heart Good

Both my main text books are empty tonight. I feel drained, but at least I have the deck relatively cleared for writing the tests, now. I got one study guide done tonight. I had delusions of being able to get them ALL done.

And, we actually got a sample schedule of next year's classes. I get ALL the junior high reading classes, in two separate batches -- all the 7th graders third hour and all the eighth graders first hour. Last year, I had half of the seventh graders...

We cut staff through attrition. When one guy left (top of the pay scale,) they moved up the ESL teacher (second year in our district, so medium priced, as she has an MA in guidance) to do his two career classes, added some ICN business accounting, law, etc. classes, and hired a new band director and a high school history teacher. Our math person is now NOT a long term sub. He'll have a regular contract, as well as a proven track record.

The only GOOD thing I can see is that I won't have the junior high exploratory Spanish classes. They were down to six weeks each, which is just not enough time to do much of anything with. All the junior high sports get out early, missing 8th hour, so I'd have four kids left to teach two days a week, sometimes three. And, they tend to act badly as it is eighth hour. Doing that much make-up for a basically oral class just doesn't happen, either.

And, the ground is still WET. Lovely, lovely MUD all over.

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