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Table of Contents -- The Saga of Travels Far Woman: Summer Circles (6/19/15) (WC 675)

Table of Contents -- The Saga of Travels Far Woman: Summer Circles

Title Page
Table of Contents
Prologue -- How I Came to Write This Book
Preface -- Podunksville, Iowa
Interior Story Title Page
Quote Page

Part I: Iowa: Fall into Winter

1 Living the Dream

Part II: Ye Olde Watering Hole

2 The Arrival -- The Recurring Dream
3 Ye Olde Watering Hole
4 Before the Mike
5 Elemental Forces
6 Range War III
7 The Water Pitcher -- Part I
8 Propina -- The Recurring Dream
9 The Water Pitcher -- Finale
10 Taking Tex Home
11 Vows

Part III: Stone Circles Reservation

12 Tail Lights
13 Under Construction
14 Going to Meeting
15 Fire Breathing Dragon
16 El Alfabeto
17 Refrigerator Art -- Set-up
18 Refrigerator Art -- Some Assembly Required
19 Jello
20 The Rescue
21 Patient
22 Show and Tell
23 Under Construction -- The Recurring Dream
24 Dramatic Voices
25 The Library, After Lunch
26 Refrigerator Art -- Intermezzo
27 Pest Invasion
28 Entrapment
29 Refrigerator Art -- The Blessing
30 Roommates
31 Cathedral-like Silences

Part IV: Class Projects

32 Class Projects
33 Refrigerator Art -- The Benediction
34 Playing Hooky
33 Pest Invasion
34 Entrapment
35 Pesticide
36 La Bañera (español
37 La Bañera
38 The Cave
39 Pinch Hitter
40 Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
41 Class Projects -- The Wind
42 Candid Camera
43 At Bay
44 First Attack
45 Board Talk
46 An Ill Wind
47 Rehab
48 Room To Let
49 As the Wind Blows

Part V -- The Courtship

50 Circles of Fire
51 Moccasins
52 Postage Stamp Sized Hole
53 Attempted Arrest -- The Cave
54 Aftermath
55 Letters -- from Campfire Conversations
56 The Wallflower
57 Rejected, Dejected
58 Romantic Interlude?
59 Romantic Nonsense
60 Snake in the Grass
61 Heredity
62 Blabbermouth
63 Liquid Gold
64 Bank Questionnaire
65 Fertility Clinic Conversations
66 Parentage
67 Nightmare
68 La Desaparecida
69 Emissions
70 The Dowry
71 Wedding Gifts?
72 Reactions
73 Room to Let -- The Shower Incident
74 Roadblock
(Order Subject to Change -- Possible Additions)
Alphabet Soup (in several other stories, may be incomplete)
Another Attempted Arrest
Refrigerator Art -- Inception of an Industry (Worked into others)
Town Pump

Part VI: The Party Is Over

Invasion -- Part II
Cliff Hanger


Final Jeopardy -- Summer's End

Despina's Infamous Green Journal

Range War -- 1/10/01
Aftermath, the Range War -- 1/11/01
The Rescue -- 1/12/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/1/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/2/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/3/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/4/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/5/01
Day's Stupidest Tourist Question -- 6/5/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/6/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/7/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/8/01
from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- 6/9/01

Appendix I

Universal Themes
"Pollyana" List
"Wish" List

Appendix II

Reader's Reactions:
    Comments -- Prologue Comments -- Range War III Comments -- Tail Lights Comments -- Patient Comments -- First part (Preface, Prologue, Part I) -- Seney

Related Items -- Podunk Center, Iowa
Related Items -- History of Despina's Name
Related Items -- Maybe Why Despina

Additional Background -- Offensive, or Amusing? -- Podunksville, Iowa
Background Material -- The Mojave Desert

Personal Writing -- Offensive, or Amusing?
Personal Writing -- Baby Blue Ram
Personal Writing -- Why I Write

Pieces to work into other parts:
Alberto Down Under
Cu's Fate (RD or nightmares)
Cu Back Story
Dragon Slayer (appears to be unwritten other than the title.)
Intelligence (Infamous Green Journal entry?)
On the Nature of Magic (Quote)
Problem (Quote)
Reading the Dictionary (CU-Infamous Green Journal entry?)
Reflections - Building Bañera (Infamous Green Journal entry?)
Rescued from Show & Tell Albert (Done???)
Rescued from wind/pest
Trouble in Paradise (Work in)
True Education (Quote)
Two Wolves (Quote)

Used Elsewhere

Black Thumb (Used in "Cathedral-Like Silences", "Class Projects", "Playing Hooky", "Pesticide", "La Bañera", and "The Cave")
Courtroom With Juan (worked into three other stories; -- starts in "Cathedral-Like Silences", described in "Playing Hooky", results reported in ? by Mickey at campfire)

Last updated (rearranged)
6/19/15 Changed Party's Over to Party Is; 3/10/10 Corrected Wallflower. 7/28/08 - Placed Postage Stamp Sized Hole; Room to Let -- The Shower Incident; (6/10/08. Reversed title order. 1/2/06.)

Word Count: 675

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001 4:32 pm
Tags: sotfw -- sc

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