pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

What Goes Round Comes Round...

Three weeks ago today, a "tire kicker" came, picked out her gelding, took my email address, asked about the dismantled trailer steps on the porch of the old house for a friend named "Sandy" as though I ought to know who she was, and left.

When I asked for her email in exchange, she said, "I'll send it to you" and left. When the colt she'd picked out injured itself that very evening, I had no way to contact her about it.

Today, her husband and "Sandy's" husband came out with the cash to buy the steps, so one eyesore I'd not gotten around to fixing up (lack of $ or skill to do it myself) is now no longer my worry. Who knows; maybe the gal will really come back and get the gelding.

I made sure the husband took a good look at the injury on the colt, now mostly healed, and compared it to the identical one on the dam which was MUCH deeper and taking forever to heal. He could see how the two were healing in comparison. He agrees with me that the gate hinge might be the cuplrit, as unlikely as it seems at first glance.

Her husband talked about fixing one of the gates that gives me trouble. He reminded me this afternoon that he'd worked on that spot about 15 years ago when they'd last lived in this area. I knew I'd had it worked over several times, but I couldn't remember who did what to it when...

Originally, I'd talked about terms for the gelding, knowing I was not dealing with rich folks, but she said in two weeks, she could pay cash. Cash is ALWAYS nice. The vet understands cash. The hay man understands cash. So do the credit card companies. I think I could get used to a string of CASH customers for a change, especially when it so uncomplicates the deals.

She'd also inquired about renting the little house, comparing my rent with what she was paying in town. I told her it needed some work first. So, maybe the end of the driveway widening project so that a car/truck could be parked without blocking me in/out will happen, the rest of the porch renovation take place, and the ceiling get repaired where the water seeped in from the leak where the unsupported roof slid a bit... Stove, fridge, water heater, furnace all still work. Water pipes were treated with antifreeze and still not leaking, so, maybe... When they were here before, the gal and I got to be quite good friends. Friends are nice. Repaired rental properties are nice. Husbands who don't object to working on things needing repairs are nice.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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