pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Those Pesky Mosquitoes

Funny for the day -- while I was talking to the janitor. Her super good-looking daughter, Lisa, (mother of three) got a super good job offer. Super good company. Super good pay. They'd pay for her to get her master's.

"She's the kind that people stare at when she walks into the room."

I said, "Was the interviewer DROOLING?" (We understand each other just great. She's a real cool lady.)

She then confessed that she was afraid the offer was "too" good. She said that her daughter worked HARD for her grades, but felt stuff like this happened for her because of her looks (which was in response to something I'd said on that topic...)

Then she tells me about the BREAST IMPLANT surgery the daughter had between children two and three. She went to a C cup size, which was a bit over the top, according to her mother, who felt a B would suit her built better. (She was FLAT after child #2, reports her loving parental unit, in that type of honesty they all seem to possess in describing their children's failings honestly.)

So Lisa goes to talk to the doctor, who is not really in favor of it. He tells her, "Flat is 'in' right now."

"Flat, yes, but TWO MOSQUITO BITES? NO!"

She got her surgery.

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