pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Another Interested Person

Last weekend, it was Brady and Statuesque, an old friend and the best of the two year old solids...

This weekend, it was another old friend, Sue (P., not to be confused with Sue A who was also formerly C. or Sue K.) Lots of my friends are named Sue. None are male (Jess, himself named Jessica on the Iowa Arabian Horse Association rolls, thought that Brady was male and that I had another boyfriend...) Maybe I ought to be saying, "another old girlfriend..." It just never occurred to me.

Sue came despite the drizzle, and since she was passing through on the return from somewhere else, I thought she was just looking the herd over to see who was a new face over the last 15 years or so. Her first question was, "Where's Destiny?" so I got to relive the flash flood and the washing of his body through the culvert and its horrific final resting place prior to human intervention, with one foot over the TOP of the neighbor's fence while the body lay dead in the roadside ditch, sort of marking the boundaries of the high water line with the rest of the debris.

The wind was up, so the herd was flighty and finally ran into what is normally Debut's stud pen. We were standing along the fence line, our hands petting on the other side. Karess came around and joined us, so she didn't have to fight off anyone to get her fair share. Three hours later, Sue left, saying she'd pay cash when I had her in foal to Debut, but she didn't want her bred until the end of May.

So, with nothing in writing and no money down, I was all excited for the second weekend in a row. Now, I KNOW better... I KNOW it normally takes 17 tire kickers before I get to someone who will put their money where their mouth is... but a gal can dream, no?

Today, the ground is dry already. At least coming at the speed these rains have been coming, whatever there is of them are soaking in with no waste water going anywhere else or doing anything else...

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