pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Just My Luck

So, Sunday, noon,(after consulting my calendar to record Statuesque's event) Brady came out and decided she wanted to buy Statuesque.

She asked about the horrible healing wound on Canta's side. I told her I was unsure where it came from, but I wondered about a gate hinge that juts into the pasture 5-6" and is an inch or so around, but BLUNT.

By sundown Sunday, her son, Statuesque, had a matching wound. Although hers has been healing since mid February, his is the same size, same location, same style... If he'd been bigger, (as in having more flesh over his ribs), his might have been as big as hers was originally.

The wind was up tremendously all day Sunday, which meant the herd was dashing all over.

At least I knew not to panic this time. 20 cc penicillian, yellow powder in the wound, and just live with the fact that it can't be stitched.
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