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Snazzy Titles

Summer Vacation seems so BLAH! Dress it up a bit. Jazz it up some.

Summertime Loves
The Summer of our Discontent
Summer Symphony
Summertime Blues
La Habañera del Verano
It's a Romance! It's an Adventure! It's a Mess!
Coming of Age in Summer
Really Coming of Age One Summer
Summer Rites of Passage
Ageless Summer
Prairie Voyage of Discovery
Summer Prairie
Summer Prairie Circles
Adventurous Summer
One Memorable Summer!
One Interesting Summer!
Summer Circles
(as in summersaults...)

Very Interesting Summer
The Summer of the Campfire
Campfire Summer
Campfire Cricle
The Summer with Cu
Summer with Cu
Summertime, and the Living is...
Verano, Vivace
Summer, un poco vivace
(Musical notation for "a little lively")

The music at this point segued into the sultry voice of
Maria Callas singing the Habañera from Bizet's operaCarmen.

Here's a discography for her:

Here's the full name of the composer and the song from his opera.

L'amour est un oiseau rebelle (Habanera)

Georges Bizet

Last updated 11/22/01.

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