pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Second Night in a Row

Second night in a row. I came home to a dumped over water tank, drug part way out into the field. It takes about an hour to fill WITHOUT 30 head trying to drink out of it at once. Last night, I woke up at 1:30 and went out to turn it off. A damp spot was in the low area where the septic tank is (soil settled after it was leveled).

I was standing outside with not a single light on inside or out, running water in the tank at the back of the house again. It was dumped over and drug into the field a bit further than last night, so I had pushed it back into position and started the water running and was standing there with my hands through the fence wire to keep the herd from fighting over the water, putting their feet in the tank, and in general, acting as if they hadn't seen water in three days when the phone rang.

And rang, and rang, right until I got into the house. No message.

I posted my case study tonight. I wrote it last night. Tomorrow, I have to do something seriously to get the surveys posted, then I'm okay for a while.

My glasses are still outside in the car in my purse, so if there are any spelling errors, just remember, I can't read this size print at all without them.

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