pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

A Continuation of the Saga of the Teeth

This morning, I had an 11:00 appointment in C'ville to repair the corner of the tooth that broke off Saturday afternoon. I'd had a constant headache since then, brought on by the ache of cold against it -- water, wind, anything set it off. This is the third molar since Thanksgiving. I'm going to be toothless soon at the rate they've had to be pulled/repaired.

I wasn't eating much with it, as I couldn't find things that did not bother it. Maybe that's why I had such a reaction to the numbing medicine. My arms got heavy. I didn't think of that when I was telling the symptoms to his nurse. She thought maybe he'd gotten it right into a blood vessel that carried it quickly to my heart, but as I think about the not eating, I'm sure that is the real reason I reacted so strongly. I don't usually nearly fast for 48 hours before going to the dentist's.

So, I got shaky hungry afterward. I went to Hardee's and got a mushroom and swiss, but couldn't face it afterward, so I went to KFC and got a chicken and biscuit. Driving to the local park, I watched three squirrels as I held bits of the warm biscuit in my mouth until the saliva turned them to pretty much mush, then swallowed. I ate most of the wing, and that was that. I could handle the ice water.

I'd brought along the stuff to go to school and get my desk cleaned up and journal written for my ICN class, but did not trust myself driving very far, so I went to the local library and checked out five books. I sat at the table and did my lesson plans and graded the pile I had with me, intending to drive in to school and post it, but I kept nodding off in the chair, so I nixed that idea. (Did I mention that I was not sleeping well with THE TOOTH FROM HELL™, either? I'd open my mouth when I fell soundly asleep, then the air hitting it would wake me up again.)

When I got home, about 3 pm, all I wanted to do was go to bed, but I had to run the up the hill water, feed the cats, and check on Moon Eyes, the 1995 Himalaya who is so wide that this morning, when I set her food on top of the dryer as usual, she FELL OFF THE EDGE instead of landing on the top. The last load of clothes went in the wash, but were still in the washer when I left for town. I just hung them now. I have to post my college journal before midnight, and comment on someone else's, then I'm done for the day. I can't fire up for the quite lame topic at all.

Enough procrastination. I go slog through it.

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