pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Books To Look For

The Messenger Lois Lowry 169 pp. A follow-up to The Giver and Gathering Blue. She can do amazing things in such a short amount of pages.

Loved The Giver, so must locate the other two.

Wild About Horses, Lawrence Scanlan

Birth of the Firebringer, by Meredith Ann Pierce
Okay. This is a young adult fantasy novel in which both the protagonist and the point-of-view character are unicorns. That said, it's really good for what it is, and was one of my favorite books the year I was 11. I reread it today and it did not suffer for the years intervening, but I am awfully good at suspension of disbelief. It also belongs on the list of "Books I've Decided Shaped My Budding Theological Instincts When I Was Too Young To Notice." For whatever that's worth.

2004-04-11 18:43 (link)
She also wrote two sequels: Dark Moon and The Son of Summer Stars. Also very good.

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