pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Case of the Deadly Sponge Mop

Jess showed up Saturday. He'd dropped his house mate off at work, as the poor dear tried to dodge a deer, flipping the truck into the ditch, first going head over axles, then rolling twice more sideways. Since he wanted to go home in time to pick him up, he was here quite a while.

We were in and out and about 3:30, the little possum the neighbor had tried to shoot was out at the side of the porch steps. He should have stayed nocturnal, but I've been feeding in daylight to lessen the chance of feeding so much wildlife I don't want around.

Jess popped his head back in and said, "The possum's back. Do you want me to kill it for you?"

"If you can."

He grabbed a MOP, and proceeded to bash it to death, destroying the mop in the process. He announced that this one was a male. I told him the female was three times his size.

"They're generally bigger."

He says Raven's gaining (he looks the same to me, but I see him all the time) and that everyone else is in good shape.

Now that my own hay is gone, I am anxious that any other people's hay I bring in not have harbored Possums, but there's really no way to tell except when one of the horses that ate the hay gets sick, which can be YEARS later. Yikes!
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