pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Chapter 2 Reaction

After finally finishing Chapter 2 in Language and Learning: The Home and School Years by Terry Piper, I have decided that I am NOT a native speaker of English, at least the way she represents it. In one place in there (p.31), she says that her examples are from mid-East coast United States and much of eastern Canada. Yet, I don't KNOW what that sounds like. Our announcers from nearly anywhere in the US now use midwest standard, which I am familiar with.

Maybe that is why I continue to have trouble with the examples for speech. One activity wants us to find the set that does not belong and explain why.

Set I
fix, fax
mix, max
firm, farm
kitsch, catch

Set II
dimple, pimple
dump, pump
dare, pair
day, play

show, stow
shine, sine
shine, sign
shell, sell

Any of you HEAR a difference? I can FEEL a difference in where my tongue goes on the r in firm and farm giving the r sound a different twist, but in the other two lists, I can't HEAR any change even after locating two position differences. Talk about frustrating.

In the second set, even after feeling my tongue in a different place in the r, I can't hear it.

In set three, the same is true of the l sound. I hear NO CHANGE even though my tongue goes closer to my front teeth when I say sell.

This will NOT become an area I decide to do my dissertation on, should I ever get that far!

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