pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Cougar/Skunk Follow-up

In the picture one of the boys showed me before Spanish class, the cougar that got shot about 2 miles from here had feet bigger than my hand with all the fingers and thumb spread as wide as I can get them. The head was by the wheel well of a standard size bed pickup, and the front paws were off the lowered tailgate. The rear legs were against the wheel well on the other side. Reportedly, it weighed 150 pounds. It was HUGE!

Oh, you would have LOVED the bottom half front page headline on the free paper that gets sent out every Wednesday with the ad fliers in it!

As usual, rumors are rampant!

My text books caught up with me on Tuesday, as Mon. we had a snow day. Thursday, I stayed home, as I kept waking up every half hour and clearing the front door so I would not get snowed in. I was exhausted by 6:30 when the alarm went off. I slept until noon, read a bit of college text, slept a bit, read a bit, and at 2:30, nearly caught up with WEEK #1 in one of the two books! Speed reading Jr. High Novels and reading technical college texts in an area I'm not already expert are NOT alike!

I decided to call in. Thank goodness! Corydon had let out early, which closed the ICN site, which canceled the class. So many cancellations came in from the 150 students, scattered all over the state of Iowa, that the entire state canceled before the 5:30 class!

The ICN rooms we are using are all in schools, which let out early or did not have school in the first place. Eight sites canceled the week before, but we had class as though only one student had called in sick.

Did it SNOW much on Thursday??? Oh, yes, it did! Seymour did NOT let out early, and Friday morning when I called, Jim, the art teacher who has been a missionary all over the world (right below me on the calling tree) spent 10 minutes regaling me with his horror story of trying to drive along Highway 2 (generally the first and best plowed in the county... I am on it coming home for a whopping 2 mile stretch of the 13 miles I travel...).

Our conversations are funny. He preached in Peru, Turkey, Italy... etc. so he answers the phone in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep in a foreign language. I don't know if he does it all the time, or not, but whenever I call him, his greeting is ... strange. Sometimes I recognize the language, and sometimes not. Friday, it was Italian, and I answered in Spanish, being the poor bilingual that I am... No hay escuela.... After he ran down about the poor driving conditions, and how much slower they seem to be plowing the roads than in past years, I said, "That's probably right" and reminded him about the across-the-board tax cuts we've had in recent years. Then he decided he'd better go back to sleep before he got fully awakened! We'd talked 10-15 minutes. I'm impressed, seriously impressed with someone who can give a RANT while sleep-talking!

Did I tell you how I got the skunk??? Now my fear is what pile she's in -- in the pasture, in the tree line/fence line in front of the house, or in the pile right at the end of the trailer. I have a feeling I'm going to be less appreciative of having hit her once she thaws out and starts to stink...
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