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Macon's Capture (11/17/04 WC: 558 Original Title: on Good Looking Men) SOTFW-MF
November 3, 2000 17:33:00

Macon’s Capture

"Before she got hidden away in that harem, my sister used to date/marry all the time, having romance after romance that could have been pictured in a popular periodical like People Beautiful magazine, but I've never gotten into the good-looking man bit.  The contrast is just too striking to be viable.  My official title around home was: Despina's Homely Older Sister.  Nobody, but NOBODY, not even my MOTHER, for Pete's sake, ever argued with it," Leanna says.  "She was 26 the first time she married -- a tall, movie-star-handsome blue-eyed Indian whose first wife had been killed."

Quite taken with Leanna at a visceral level, Macon stares, widening his eyeballs.  "How old were you then?"

"Let's see, he died that August, at least that's what everyone THINKS; anyway, then she moped around until June before flitting off to Scandinavia, where she promptly got into an international debate about whether she was REALLY legally married to the Indian, and if the Indian's two children by his first wife should be in her care or the tribe's.  She spent that winter with Ragnar, whom she SAID she was married to.  She lost her job over that little affair.  Marrying in ways not recognized in the US of A seems to be her specialty."

"And you were?" persists Macon with a soft laugh.

"Oh, jealous, I suppose.  I've never had an offer, like 'Sarah'."


"In the old folk song," She sings lustily, in a voice nobody would pay anything of value to hear.

'Come a lands man, a pins man, a tinker or a tailor

Doctor, a lawyer, soldier or a sailor

Rich man, a poor man, a fool, or a witty,

Don't let her die an old maid, but take her out of pity.

...She never would be scolding, she never would be jealous

Her husband would have money to go to the alehouse

...Sarah's almost 29 and never had an offer.'

"Jealous.  I've never heard that used as an age before.  So, if the news reports were correct, when that Indian was shot on CNN, he was 30 and she was 26.  She'd have been 27 with Ragnar, then.  But I'm not interested in her, although this inside look is fascinating in and of itself; it is YOU I inquired about."

"I just thought I'd cut to the finale.  Every time some man has paid attention to me, it's turn out in the end to be as an entree to information about/introductions to Despina."

"I like my women in hand," Macon drawls, stepping closer.  Slowly, tentatively, he reaches a hand up to her bun, loosening the curly auburn hair knotted on itself.  Putting one hand on the wall behind her back, he pulls gently on the very tip of the huge curl that lays partly over the shoulder closest to him.  Leaning even closer, he pauses, meeting her eyes searchingly.

She can’t break the gaze.  Nervously, she licks her lips.

"I'd like to make love with you."

"Uh, huh."

Dipping slowly toward her upturned face, he presses a soft, feathery light kiss on her trembling lips.  Hot sparks fly from the area, making her eyes widen.

"What do you like?"

Breathless, suddenly unsteady on her feet, she leans her head against his chest.  "Just my luck.  I finally get one who's willing, and he needs training wheels."

Last updated 8/13/08 Changed trembling to Breathless, 11/17/04.

Word Count: 558
Reading Level: 6.2
Tags: sotfw-mf

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