pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Still No Text Books (Part of How Goes the College Class Over the ICN Series)

E-mail to my teacher...
Both S M's and my main reading time is over the weekend, so she has both of her books so she can get her work/reading done (neither of us had text books last weekend.)

I read as far in the yellow book as I could get (p.26 of the 120 assigned) and found a quote on how the community of language users influence the individual's language learning or use that I can compare and contrast with, and another one about unequal power discourse in the doctor-patient encounters...

I will try to get the first chapter of her blue book copied.

I also heard a book review for something of interest -- a book called Midnight Disease, but I was driving, so I didn't catch the author, who is a doctor. It dealt with some of the material I'd journal about in the doctor-patient discourse. (ed. note -- I later read a Writer's Digest review of it that contained her name... Alice W. Flaherty (Houghton Mifflin) )

Is it okay to substitute if I can't get copies made? (Does this type of use violate the copyright stuff when I WILL eventually have a copy that has been paid for?)

Ethical quandry.

(Appended after school -- I got Ch. 1 copied. No discussion of the issue ensued -- both the school board secretary and the superintendent's secretary were elsewhere...)

If you have any points to make on this idea, please don't just hit reply, which will send it to school. Please use my home email address so I can read it at home and get it prepared, since we can't append things later like I can on when I post there.

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