pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Baby, It's Cold Outside

To defeat the raccoon and possums, I have taken to feeding the outdoor cats on either the roof of the BMW or the cab of the truck.

Tuesday or Wednesday, whenever we got our first "wind chill below 15 below 0" type stuff, I spread some cat food on the hood of the cab as I was unloading my groceries. Up came yellow tom, an outdoor kitten now a year or so old and HUGE, but still a silly little kitten in his mind. He is almost friendly, almost letting himself be petted.

I opened the outside door, arms full, bumped the inside door open, trip # two or three... and Mellow Yellow, the full grown tom I encourage to stay around as his kittens from the calico and the tortoise shell cats will be those colors if female, slipped inside. I stashed the groceries and headed back outside.

With the next trip, Kitten Yellow tried to follow me in, but he was a bit more hesitant, and got caught between the two doors, unknown to me.

After putting that load up, I grabbed for Mellow Yellow, picked him up, and went back outside, accidentally kicking Kitten Yellow, whom I had not even seen. He took off, yelping, and I continued on to the truck, plopping Mellow Yellow on the cab with a bowl full of food dumped right on the hood. Kitten Yellow crept out, carefully leaping from one of my foot prints to the next until he got to where he needed to go to the back of the truck to climb up on the trailer hitch, hop into the back end, and go onto the sides, then jump up onto the cab. As he hit the frigid cold of the back end, he began to yowl. One foot down, horrid ye-owl-l, jerk it up to his body to warm it, put it down, and again it would adhere to the chilly metal and he'd scream another horrid cry of pain.

I tried to pick him up, but he dodged, screaming human-like cries with every step. I moved the food to a cleared off place under the truck.

Come on, possums! Here's your chance!
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