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On Making Love -- Despina and ? (Sheriff?) (9/20/04) (Used)

Added to Aftermath

Despina organizes the windfall through the smoke hole into a typical girl scout fire, then requests some tinder. When enough has accumulated, she uses the paper matches to carefully ingnite her pile while he returns. Using a particularly wide branch with a Y at one end and another long one, she creates a rack she can drape her wet shirt over.

"Do you ever want to make love?"

"Everyone wants to make love. It's being able to navigate safely through the inevitable mine fields of past experiences without a blow-up that is challenging."

"What would you say if I wanted to make love to you?"

"I like the way you touch. It invites us women to be weak and soft. Then that allows you to be strong and caring and protective. Some of us have trouble asking. Some of us confuse human kindness with love."

"What would you say if I made love with you?"

"I become inarticulate. I'd probably gurgle or something else equally romantic."

"No shouted verses of poetry, or perhaps my name?"

"Not if I were truly in the moment. I'd have to withdraw to the logical side of my brain in order to have that much control. If it is real, if it is spontaneous with me, it will be totally inarticulate, totally past the part of the mind where true speech developed, into the primordial, into grunts and shouts, mindless reactions, mindless expressions of estasy, of sheer joy."

Last updated 9/20/04

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