pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

A Visitor

Jess stopped by last night on his way down to Hanna's grandfather's (96 years old) to pick up the dog he'd left at his mother's when he moved to an apartment in West Des Moines. She KILLS things. She's very good at it. First, it was chickens, ducks and geese, then kittens, then full grown cats.

So, they gave it away, which upset Jess. Hanna's grandfather doesn't have any birds or cats, so they thought that would be a safe place for her, but eventually, she went down to the neighbor's and killed THEIR chickens.

Now that he's bought the farm, he is 2 1/2 miles from his nearest neighbors, so he came to get her and take her home.

He estimated the trip would take him an hour and a half because he'd found some back roads that he thought were more direct. It only took him two and a half hours using the "fast" way...

It was good to talk to him again. Next weekend, his mother and I are to go visit his farm. She's been there before, but it will be my first trip.
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