pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Last Free Day

The weather is now so cold that I wish I could just hibernate. The cold really makes that tooth ache.

I called the sheriff's office to see if it were sensible to try to drive to Des Moines to go to the oral surgeon to have it pulled. My appointment is at 2 pm.

The roads are either snow packed or icy, but if I go slowly, I should be okay. He came up with that after checking the level of pain.

I've lost my driver, however. No way she'll do it on those types of roads.

So, I wanted to get the driveway cleared so I could use the little car instead of the truck, which is light in the rear end on ice. The fellow who plows has to warm up his tractor, and estimated he could do it by noon. That would be just about straight (good weather) driving time from here to the dentist's... It remains to be seen if he actually gets here by then. ARRGGH!

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