pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Snow Day Extends Vacation!

Not only did we get the longest (planned) Christmas Vacation since I started teaching in Seymour in 1976, but the superintendent called around five today to cancel tomorrow. Corydon, the leader in Iowa inches in this storm so far, reports 11 (17 miles from my farm, south west of here), while Albia got 9 (30 miles northeast of here.)

My front door keeps getting drifted shut. I've dug it out three times today.

My driver for going to Des Moines for getting my tooth pulled backed out. She can't even get her Lumina out of the garage. I'm not sure the roads will be okay. The paved road in front of my farm generally gets plowed, so I may go on up if the main roads are cleared. My driver said there's another 4-5 inches scheduled to dump on us tonight, so maybe I'll be going NOWHERE. I need to get a prescription filled, so I am hoping I can at least get to Corydon... (If I can get out of the driveway. I know the little BMW doesn't have the clearance to punch through the drifts, which are hood high on it, but the truck might be able to, depending what the bottom of the driveway looks like. There are two places that really get deep, and if they get hood high on the pick-up, I sit and wait for the neighbor who plows people out.

Glad I went to town Saturday and got another jug of milk. At least the electricity is on.

All in all, I'm at peace with the weather. The horses are warm and fed, my favorite tom cat came in the night before it hit, and wanted out this morning, which lasted long enough to get his tootsies in the snow, then he slunk back inside. He's a stitch.

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