pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


Here the second day of Christmas vacation has passed, and I still don't even have all the Christmas cards ready for the mail. Yet, I was busy all day. I just didn't leave very big footprints in the dust, so to speak.

I'll have to get cracking, as I just got word that I'll have a visitor possibly on Thursday. Better at least have dishes done by then.

I brought home all the books on my desk at school, planning to grade up everything, a few pages a day, and have not done a one.

The MC and her "let's go to NYC" buddy in my Nano novel for 2003 met up via phone and the lady was thrilled to be featured in one of my adventure stories. She was sad she didn't get carried off to SA with the MC, but was satisfied to get to call the police. "Ah, an action role," she commented. Her Christmas present? A copy of the novel, with kibitzing rights.

Don't be silly! OF COURSE it isn't mailed yet! It isn't the last minute yet... I have to do the bills, first.
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