pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Fence Repair

Today was in the 50's, absolutely lovely, so I took another stab at repairing the electric wire around the front yard. I had no stallion in there, but as I walked through the stud pen with both Debut and Omyno in it, NO ducked into the stall, and when Debut came in, he attacked him in a fit of jealousy. They've been together over a week, with no marks on either side, but NO always gave ground to Debut.

When I got the fence fixed, I thought I'd put Bu back out in it, but NO beat him to the gate. Oh, he was so thrilled to be OUT! His tail went up and he ran and ran, big bold trot, jack rabbit canter,then the trot again, shy away from Mellow Yellow in sheer good spirits, on and on he went. Of course, I had gloves, insulators, pliers, a bucket, twine, and a new gate chain to replace the halter tying the two stud pen's common gate, but NO CAMERA. Such is life. I have the enjoyment of his glee in my mind.

I forgot to pick up Saturday's mail again. I told myself I'd get it when I went down to put some Christmas cards in the box, but I've been naughty, and they still aren't written yet.
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