pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

#99-#100 (Cross Posted to 50 Book Challenge)

#99. Flash Fire by Caroline B. Cooney Rich people in a canyon near LA get hit with a murderous fire. Lots of death but many characters develop/change as well. Good YA fare, as expected from her.

#100 Jennie by Jane Claypool Miner tells the story of the Johnstown disaster up close and personal from the viewpoint of a sixteen year old who gets overly involved. It is a light romance in a series of light romances with one name girls by multiple authors and a good series for the romantic at heart girls without the sex and over-stimulation so common to "commercial" fiction. I don't know how factual the events are supposed to be, but if she made up Jennie's experience, she's got a whale of an imagination.

Both of these are fast reads.
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