pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


One hundred facts about me

The things in bold I have in common with leeneh, all freshly edited to include her additions.

(Sorry, lunacia, but I agree with leeneh
to change the word love to like and the word hate to dislike - I reserve those words for when they're more appropriate...)

01. I live in the country I was born in.
02. I like the moon.
03. I like most vegetables.
04. I think pasta is ever so yummy.
05. I am a hardcore food fan.
06. I like cats.
07. I like pajamas.
08. I am naturally brunette, but turning gray.
09. Rain makes me happy.
10. I enjoy solitude.
11. I have seen several tornadoes -- at a distance, thank goodness.
12. I like chocolate.
13. I don't like being stared at.
14. I am antisocial when not in "people" mode.
15. I have not been to China.
16. I like books.
17. I have no idea if I've had several OBEs or not, so I will tell you that I now have written most of a trilogy.
18. I have visited more than one country, and have dated men from three continents.
19. I don't like hot weather.
20. I like getting things in the mail other than bills and adverts.
21. I own a car and a pickup truck (both at least 10 years old).
22. I have live animals in my bed, in my house, and around my yard. Some are even welcome... Horses, dogs, cats. Insects and the family of possums NOT.
23. I can speak more than one language.
24. My mother is remarried, but not divorced.
25. I look at my email multiple times a day on a good day.
26. I am owned by three cats at least.
27. I have three biological siblings.
28. I like comfortable clothes.
29. I like Irish folk music.
30. I talk to myself when I'm alone regardless of where I am.
31. I have only been to Disneyland once, under duress.
32. I like taking pictures.
33. I don't have freckles.
34. I was born in Mississippi.
35. I have functional feet.
36. I like Ireland.
37. I dislike soccer.
38. I have never followed any fashion or trend.
39. I like silver jewelry as well as any, but wear none as a rule.
40. My eyes are gray.
41. I can't stand it when people spit in public.
42. I have never shirked school.
43. I am an American.
44. I like the night.
45. I like milk.
46. I own more than 1000 books.
47. I catch my students' colds and the flu regularly even when I've taken the shot.
48. Loud noise drives me crazy.
49. I have loads of queer friends.
50. I have been operated on and now have parts missing.
51. I am artistic and creative.
52. I have an 80 acre farm with my horses all over the place.
53. I can't speak a word of Swedish.
54. I get up early in the morning, then take a nap about 10 if undisturbed.
55. I usually shower at night.
56. I can't speak Spanish fluently, but can usually get my idea across.
57. I will see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King more than three times as I bought the DVD.
58. I can hit the middle C without effort.
59. I like when my friends write me letters; it makes me feel special.
60. I have been on a date, but never married.
61. I own a saddle or two, both English and Western.
62. I have had an Irish Setter for over 30 years until Aug. when my last one died.
63. I have never been to a dance school.
64. I am lazy.
65. I rarely get angry.
66. I like cuddling.
67. I have allergies.
68. I taught myself to read at around the age of four.
69. I can puzzle out some Italian in the newspapers generally.
70. I can't imagine having owned only one bra in my life.
71. I have no idea why anyone would go to a pranotherapist.
72. I wish I had a teleporter.
73. I like my beef medium rare, but pork and chicken thoroughly cooked.
74. I am addicted to livejournal.
75. I have books in more than one language.
76. I laugh a lot.
77. I have a sibling who is fundamentalist.
78. I celebrate Yule Eve (24 Dec), not Yule Day (25 Dec).
79. I have a cat who is lovable.
80. I would like to learn to speak more languages.
81. I have a cat who is wild unless it is dinner time.
82. I know html.
83. I like jigsaw puzzles of 2000 pieces.
84. I have more than one website.
85. I don't know anyone with my birthday.
86. I still have my first book.
87. I rarely swear at all, much less like a chimney sweep, whom I have never heard swear.
88. I have a driver's license.
89. I can read in two languages.
90. I don't know my way around London at all, but have a very pretty map of it from National Geographic.
91. I was born with allergies.
92. I don't like doing dishes, so I wait until there are no more forks, or company is coming.
93. I don't know who Fred Meyer is and don't know why I should care.
94. I distrust fanatics of any religion.
95. I don't like any sports.
96. I enjoy sleeping.
97. I have a very slow, intermittent country phone line.
98. I can't dance.
99. I update at least one of my journals once a day generally.
100. I have a digital camera.

I liked this post better when it was a funky shade of purple from when I messed up the links to the other people's journals. Three shades of purple later, I'm not sure what it was. This looks okay to me, so I guess I will quit playing with it. I can see NOTHING in the old code that would have made my post be purple...

How do they get the little heads to show that tell you it is a journal?

What LJ really needs is a little box where we can type in the weird feature we see others use and find the right code. I read through the stuff in the lj help section, but just never seem to find the right place. In the mean time, it sure is nice to have friendly folks take care of us.

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