pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Good Morning, Momma!

I woke up this morning with DEBUT under my window again. I redid the fence last Saturday, so it didn't even last a week. He's the last one not to go out of it, so I guess I will be spending more for a "real" fence along the edge of the driveway over to the old house. (I left it undone so when we burned down the old house, it wouldn't take the wooden fence with it, then had too much stuff in it to ever think of destroying it. I'd need a HUGE barn to put all the junk in that I just can't bare to part with.)

So, I watered Raven, and Debut got jealous when daddy started talking to me, so he came back down, but was afraid to cross over the downed wire, so I think it really did shock him this time.

When I called him, though, he came, jumping hugely over a wire that was only a few inches off the ground. He'd only removed the TOP wire. I will redo it tomorrow morning, again... And pray...

He just wanted some company. I wonder if I can teach him to herd possums away from the house?

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