pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


My home phone is NOT working.

My internet phone in the back bedroom with such a junky headset that I can hardly hear anything on it, WORKS. I can't hear that one from the bedroom. I can barely hear it in the living room, and people tend to hang up LONG before I can get in there.

The two phone lines are laid in the same trench, come to the same house from the same poles, and are with the same company.

So, I unplugged the internet, dialed my phone company's TWO fix it up lines, and BOTH do not work.

We are supposed to get ice. It is still rain at present, and then snow, wild amounts. If it really DOES hit us (generally, we get missed when the reports get crazy and we get NOTHING, or just light stuff), they will CALL on the regular line, which is not operating... I doubt they will call the other line.

What time are you getting up tomorrow? Want to call my principal to see if we have school, then EMAIL ME? How wild is THAT?

Well, I can hear the ping of ice, now. While I was messing around with the message and calling the operator to get my other phone reported (unsuccessfully), it switched.

Edit: after 11:30, it came on. I know, because it rang. "911 here," I heard.

So, although I couldn't get out on it, somehow the local Sheriff got called about it and was checking up. Weird, weird, weird.

If a whole area was out, would they have to call all of them? That's sort of what Barb made it sound like when I asked her...

Small towns!

Maybe one of my fellow teachers with email really did read it tonight and respond to 911... ? I can't imagine, but I sure am thankful to have it back.

The ice seems to have stopped, now; at least nothing is pinging any more. I should look out and see if we're getting anything a bit quieter...
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