pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Feels Good Department

Last night as I was posting the Despina journal entry where she got delayed crossing the desert when the truck overheated, WOI-fm"s John Pemble played on the Wild Rose Cafe a piece of super calm, restful music called "Mojave Sunrise." Since my head was in the writing, with the music as just background inspiration, I messed the thing all up. I did not get Colors in the Wind right, hearing Wing instead, and totally missed the group, Scarlet. Frustrated, I called the toll free number, getting a chirpy female voice who was extremely helpful. Looking up the play list, she gave me the proper names, and then added that when I got my book done, to email Cathrine Perkins, who might want to interview me for the "Talk of Iowa" show! It turned out that she was the assistant news director.

Heady, or what?

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