pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Overall Nano Rank Changed

Although I'm still 12th in the Iowa Writer's Group, my rank on the main web site is the lowest I've been aware of: #1230. No significance to ANY of those numbers, but I keep checking them once a week, as a form of procrastination, I believe.

I wound up yesterday with 37,408 words, +435 for the day. Then MY PHONE LINE WENT OFF LINE. Yeah, we've got rain. Not snow, mind you, nor ice, just good old fashioned rain, and we've needed it. So, what's with the phone line? I know it was working this morning, as Mother called at her regular time. I know some other time today, it was working, but not when, as a good friend called, requesting info, saying she'd call back... Yeah, right! If she doesn't think to call the computer number, which for some odd reason, is now functioning again, she won't get me. (If I don't go off line, she won't get me, either, as with two lines, I don't bother with any of those things that tell you when you have a call...

Since they were all in the same day, I think I'll nip down and edit the red post to reflect the new chapters. As I close in on the end, short seems to be my thing. Not sure why.
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