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18326 goal

In the Desert –- Recognized Word Count: 1759
In the Desert -- Frying Pan Word Count: 1077
In the Desert -- Hot Water Word Count: 590
In the Desert -- The Escape! Word Count: 1754
In the Desert -- A Helping Hand Word Count: 2773
In the Desert -- It's a Wonderful Place Word Count: 1850
In the Desert -- The Visit -- Part IV Word Count: 1879
In the Desert -- The Visit, Part III Word Count: 536
In the Desert -- The Visit, Part II Word Count: 2521
In the Desert -- The Visit Word Count: 1976
In the Desert -- The Birth Word Count: 1977


Actual total: 18692

Both the plot and the word count are still on target. If anyone is reading along in emilyreed, they're not commenting, so heaven only knows if it makes any sense to anyone else but me... All I've done in the way of corrections are spell checks and a few awkward wordings redone, and the addition of more material in strategic places to help me reach word counts. Maybe they also filled out the plot a bit... who knows?

LOL! I just went to the official NANOWRIMO site and found that I was #1304 in the rankings! YIKES!


weird words: (I didn't get the link...)



Maybe I should go back to where Luchino expects her to rappell down a wire from a third floor window and have Despina say:

I suppose if I object to descending that way, you’ll defenestrate me without feeling a bit of remorse…

[Edit: I just went to the entry, read it over, and saw where I could seamlessly add it. By the time I got it worked in, my word count was up by a whopping 75 words! Whoot!]

shhbabe :

New novelist vomitis
A disease effecting new novel writers which causes them to spew forth all of their characters' life stories in the first few pages of the literary work.

Not to be confused with hack's colon, which renders all literary efforts by the writer into something closely resembling what is processed by that organ.

Heh. I've definitely got the first one. How about you?

Current Mood: chipper


Two days ago, the curriculum director installed OS X.3 for me. I LOVE it! I turned on the itunes, got under international on the radio and have been happily writing my desert scenes to the tight harmonies and unique instrumentations of

Billed as IranianRadio -- Your Radio. I've had it on for 6 hours and 36 minutes tonight so far, and really have liked most of what I've heard. Now it is HELEN doing MAA, (Mouh is more the way they pronounce it...) which is tight harmony with a male voice behind her. I have no idea what they are saying but it sounds very seductive and has a rhythm I wish I could keep up with as I type! I've always liked folk music from around the world. I guess most of this would qualify.

Once I heard Dolly Parton's old song Jolene, which I've always loved, done IN ENGLISH that was pretty passable, but nowhere near native American sounding, but the accompaniment was just a bit off -- just a few beats/tones from the original. Probably a faithful copy to Iranian ears...

The only other English I've heard is the five word ID, done perhaps by one of our soldiers? Not foreign sounding. If you're up for something unique, try it. Remember our vetrans and active servicemen as you do!

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