pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Got Some More Written

I feel better now about my week... I actually got 1850 words written in spite of unexpected company that stayed for hours and a rash of phone calls asking me to translate a Spanish phrase, "el mercado delante de la calle". The first one was from one of the "specials" reps for our AEA, whose husband is on staff. Then her daughter called when she got cut off on her cell phone.

Next came a former student. He gave me the same phrase. I translated it before he gave it to me, chatted a few seconds (I am long distance for these folks...) and off he went.

Then someone from Seymour, someone from Corydon, and someone who didn't say where they were from... All with the exact same phrase to translate. Some nights are just WEIRD, you know?

Turns out, they were on a treasure hunt, and that was a clue in the instructions. The last fellow wanted me to tell him WHERE they were talking about, and gave me a nice little list of places, all within, oh, say 50 miles... That's the most my phone has rung in a coon's age.

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