pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Mileage To Despina's Sequel Destination

I chose a fictional Virginia town to be the address Despina is heading toward, then had to revise to a rural-ish town that really existed to take advantage of the trip measurement and map features so I didn't have to waste a lot of time figuring out how long she needed to get places, and what she'd see en route. So, she is 1185 miles from her destination at the outset.

FROM: Promise City, IA 52583 US
TO: Mc Kenney,VA 23872 US

Total Distance: 1185.23 miles
Total Estimated Time: 19 hours, 32 minutes

1: Start out going East on OHIO toward CR-S56. 1.04 miles

2: Turn RIGHT onto CR-S56. 2.85 miles

3: Turn LEFT onto IA-2. 39.32 miles

4: Turn LEFT onto US-63 N. 18.45 miles

5: Take US-34 E. 121.47 miles

6: Merge onto I-74 E toward PEORIA. 247.51 miles

7: Merge onto I-465 S via exit number 73A. 24.96 miles

8: Merge onto I-70 E via exit number 44B toward COLUMBUS OH. (Portions toll).
453.14 miles

9: Take the US-30 W exit. 0.12 miles

10: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto I-70/ US-30/ LINCOLN HWY. 0.33 miles

11: Turn LEFT onto I-70 E. 75.97 miles

12: Merge onto I-270 S via exit number 53 toward WASHINGTON. 29.93 miles

13: Take I-270 SPUR S toward I-495 S/ NORTHERN VIRGINIA. 2.03 miles

14: Merge onto CAPITAL BELTWAY/ I-495 S. 17.94 miles

15: Merge onto I-95 S via exit number 57A toward RICHMOND. 118.78 miles

16: Merge onto I-85 S via exit number 51 toward US-460 W/ DURHAM/ ATLANTA.
25.90 miles

17: Take the VA-40 W exit- exit number 42- toward MCKENNEY/ BLACKSTONE.
0.24 miles

18: Merge onto VA-40. 3.90 miles

19: Turn RIGHT onto VA-610/ OLD WHITE OAK RD. 0.55 miles

20: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto VA-650/ LEW JONES RD. 0.63 miles

21: Turn RIGHT onto VA-759/ GUNN RD. 0.18 miles
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