pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Same Old, Same Old

Last year, no matter what, my Nano characters went off and did incomprehensible things. This year, they are off on the same kick again. Even with the supposed first two chapters outlined, I got into strange territory right off the bat.

My outline called for my main character to go to New York City with a friend and start her adventure from there. That's actually still the plan, but suddenly when I started writing, I found myself wandering around in a very real pasture, looking for a missing mare, who had gone off to foal. In real life, that foal died, but I am undecided if it should die to give her something to leave to get a better perspective on, or if just plain old wanderlust is enough to make her set off believably...

I need to write 1666 words per day to keep up and reach my goal. I had hoped to get a bit further today, to make up for any short fall, but only got to 1968 today. Of the eight planned things I thought it would take me to get to the daily word count for today, I've gotten to ZERO, but did set up the first one... I think.

Cross posted to Nano group...
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