pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Friday Five URL

Leeneh contributed the home base for the organization, which looks pretty nice.

But it is Saturday now, and I'm out of Halloween mood... Back to emilyreed for another stab at starting NANO. I forgot what I renamed the main character's best friend, which made it into the TO DO list for emilyreed, which I actually FOUND and bookmarked now, but I can only remember one word of my three word title. This does NOT bode well as a marketing ploy for the finished novel if the AUTHOR can't even remember it. *Puts on thinking cap, reminding self to remove it when memorable title surfaces...*

I did this last year with Sequel. I THOUGHT I'd come up with a "real" title for it during the month, but here it is a full year later to the day, and the thing is still called Sequel. At least this year's attempt had Desert in the title instead of being Sequel II.
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