pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Ah, Those Lusty Seventh Graders!

Me: In Spanish, they say it makes weather instead of it is whatever weather feature they are talking about. Here's what they say for "It is cold. (It makes cold.) Hace frío.

C: Like frigid.

Q: Frigidaire.

Me: Look out the window. Yesterday, it was sunny, so we said Hace sol. Today, it is NOT sunny. So if we put no in front, we get, "It is not sunny." No hace sol. Repiten Uds. (Everybody repeats something reasonably correct.) What else do you see on the weather poster that would be true for today?

Q: That one with the clouds.

Me: Right. Está nublado.

Q: Está no... ne... na... blow job.

C: He said, "Blow job!"

M: Ha, ha, ha! "Blow job!" Ha, ha, ha, ha!

T: Did he say, "Blow job"?

V: You can't say "Blow job" in class!

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