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Appendix -- Comments -- Prologue


I agreed with alacrity being changed to I readily agreed.
Last updated 11/7/01 from a question about the meaning of with alacrity. Despina, being a teacher, is supposed to be well educated, but bright enough not to leave her intended youthful audience in the dust.

I evidently really like the phrase with alacrity. I just found it again in Range War III, but there are plenty of context clues to aid understanding. Despina is enough of a teacher to improve her student's vocabulary painlessly. LOL

"I am more comfortable with I readily agreed." Lou said. Putting the comments at the bottom also confused/bothered her, so to the appendix they go...keyed to the chapter title.

Last updated 11/18/01.

Sue suggests dropping the paragraph:
Aaron also loves to eat. You probably guessed that when you heard sixteen and boy said in the same breath. 11/22/01.

How do you think it reads without it?

Last updated 12/28/01.

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