pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Sleepless in Iowa

Posting in Other's Journals again...

My furnace vent right next to the bed had something vibrating in it. So at 12:30, I gave up, got out the Rainbow, filled the canister with water, couldn't get the vent off, went for a screwdriver, removed 2" screws (to hold down a vent??? I don't get it,) screwed the vent back in, replaced the screwdriver, cleaned out the canister outside under the tap (too big for elsewhere when full of crud), dumped the water over the fence into a stud's field where he'd eradicated all the grass, rinsed out the cannister, stored the Rainbow, lay down, and the kitten began to call. Answered him a few times, then went into the utility room and carried him outside. I guess the six toed awesome black male will NOT lose his virginity to Moon Eyes... 2:30.

I couldn't drop off. 5:51, I got up and turned on my favorite classical station. 6:00 am, they began a FUND RAISER. UFF DA. I packed up and came to school.

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