pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Homecoming Week

The student council gets together and decides what we will dress like each day.

Monday was "Come as you are", Pajama day. When my sister picked out a nightie for me, she let her little granddaughter choose. My only condition was "no lace" so I got a thigh length, pink Poo Bear shirt, with decals front and back.

I fully intended to wear it (with a pair of slacks underneath), but washed it too late Sunday. By Monday, the bottom was still damp. So, plan B was a Scottish clan plaid night shirt, knee length, with a front and back flap and empress waist line. (Same slacks underneath.) It felt odd having a bra under it, but looked just slightly strange.

I forgot I was out of milk and bread, so I ended up still be-night gowned, hitting Hy-Vee and Wal Mart. The staff members I met had all changed into normal garb, so I questioned their school spirit. As I came out of Wally World with my two jugs of the cheapest milk in town, a car full of highly made up, stylishly-dressed young girls gawked. One leaned out the open window, so I flapped my front panel at her and talked to them.

"Come as you are/Pajama Day."

"Are you a teacher?"

We had a pretty upbeat five minute gab fest, then I flipped my flap and left. If I'd had time to post then, I'd have been able to give a blow by blow. You'd have gotten a bunch of jokes about Homecoming from both groups.
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