pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

On the Road Again

Jess wanted to take Pandemonium Cortaj (Mizan Taj Halim x Pandemonium Coqet) and go to a trail ride with his mother this afternoon. They decided not to go, but still wanted to ride on this perfect fall day.

Jess is SPOILED. He didn't want to ride one of hers... She came over with him and they rode Cortaj and Pandemonium Adagio (ROL Raven x Pandemonium Cariñosa). They went rough riding (always an adventure with Jess!)

"Things went fine," Jess reported, (who is in college and has mastered the quixotic use of understatement) but to get back to the road, they had to ride through an unharvested corn field. Corn is TALL, over the horse's heads, and CRACKLY. Cortaj was last ridden a year ago...and only greened for a short 30 days, then. So, the cornfield was where Jess decided the monsters were hiding on this trip. (They vary their location so you can't fall asleep while you are aboard...)

Nan said she'd take the better broke Adagio through first. She'd been having a bit of trouble with Miss Dagi and her wayward eating. Nan isn't overly corrective, so will let her mount get away with things more forceful riders correct automatically.

"She'll probably EAT her way down the row," quipped Jess.

Cortaj got her foot caught in a vine and was unable to get it out, so Jess dismounted and set her free. When he got back to the road, she'd cut her foot a bit tugging on the vine.

Dagi, who had been Miss Mellow after sweating herself up making them corner her in the lot before getting caught, saw something exciting. Jess thought is was probably some blowing leaves. She decided she was SPOOKED, so she turned her little self right around (this mare could REIN in a heartbeat...she's very handy.) The saddle went sideways, so Nan stepped off.

"I fell off," Nan announced when they returned. I must have looked suitably shocked, as she then continued, "Not really. I just wanted to see what you'd say."

But I noticed that her nice white blouse was a bit dirty in several places, so I thought she really did hit the ground...and said so. Nope. Dagi slobbered on her...

(Once, when Adagio was pretty green, a part Indian fellow who is an expert rider, was going to ride her bareback. Using the well cover to mount, he rode her forward a step. She was between the gate and the others, me on Lucretia and Sue on Angelina... and in an area the length and width of her body, she spun three complete circles as fast as she could go. I got dizzy just watching. He calmly rode her forward after that, and she never made another misstep. Most people would have been in the dirt after turn one...)

Ah, such adventures we have!

I shot actual film, (not any of the exciting stuff, though...) so photos will have to wait for processing.

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