pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Crabmeat, Shrimp, and the Touchy Taste Bud

Marthy wrote about craving shrimp served with ketchup mixed with lemon, lettuce and Ritz crackers, which I once served her. She leaves out something, but I can't remember which thing it is...

So, then, of course, *I* start to crave it, but put the package back the last trip to the grocery, trying to save a bit on my bill.

I have crab meat salad in the fridge, but no milk, which is a MUST to accompany it. You dip the Ritz cracker substitute into the crab meat, then take a drink of milk... (well, swallow first.) On the good side, I eat chocolate the same way. Not with a sip of cider, not with a sip of water... nor with orange juice or grape juice... it MUST be milk...

Every time I go to town and get groceries, even if I only need bread and milk, I spend $50, so I am trying NOT to go until I NEED that much. Of course, that may lead to bills of $100, who knows? This is an untested theory.

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